Thursday, June 15, 2006

Global Brain

I’ve mentioned before but Amelia and I were talking about the customer-designed phenomenon and I thought I’d check back at to see what they were calling it – since they like to come up with so many snappy names for trends, and sure enough their May/June Trend Briefing is “Customer-Made Update”.
This is becoming a popular way for companies to build interest in their products. Some I have noticed is L.L. Bean who’ve created “build-a-tote. Land’s End do it for jeans. Now the world of bespoke is becoming available to the masses. Even children’s medicine can be adjusted to be palatable to your tot’s tastes. Consumers are used to being able to communicate with their favorite brands and maybe these companies are seeing that the customer really is always right. It’s the ultimate lesson: don’t create a product and then look for a market, create a product that is needed or wanted. Check out this site to see how companies are innovating with borrowed ideas.

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