Monday, August 22, 2016

25 Best Apps for Small-Business Owners in 2016

From Nerdwallet

Problem solver. Communicator. Financial whiz. Running a small business involves wearing a lot of hats. If you’re looking to increase productivity and organization — or just make your life as an entrepreneur a little easier — a good app might be just what you need.

In the ever-growing and changing world of technology, “app” is a word heard all throughout the day. Whether it’s an alarm app that gets you out of bed, or a reviews app that helps you figure out where you want to have lunch, there’s no changing the fact that society as a whole uses mobile devices and the apps that accompany them to plan out their lives.

To help you navigate the seemingly endless sea of business apps, Nerdwallet compiled a list of their favorites. These 25 can help you stay organized and in charge, no matter which hat you’re wearing.

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