Saturday, August 27, 2016

New York added 37,500 jobs in July 2016

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

In July 2016, 15 states had statistically significant over-the-month increases in nonfarm payroll employment in July 2016. The largest job gains occurred in New York (+37,500), California (+36,400), and Florida (+28,100). In percentage terms, the largest increases occurred in North Dakota and Vermont (+1.0 percent each), followed by Maine (+0.7 percent). The only significant decrease in employment over the month occurred in Kansas (-5,600, or -0.4 percent).

In July, 36 states had statistically significant over-the-year changes in nonfarm payroll employment, 34 of which were increases. The largest job gains occurred in California (+374,600), Florida (+250,200), and Texas (+173,000). The largest percentage gain occurred in Idaho (+3.4 percent), followed by Oregon (+3.3 percent) and Florida and Utah (+3.1 percent each). Two states had significant over-the-year declines in employment: North Dakota (-9,900, or -2.2 percent) and Wyoming (-9,800, or -3.4 percent).

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