Wednesday, September 21, 2016

50 Interview Questions to Ask Applicants

From nectjobs:

Screening for the right person for the job is always a challenge. You need someone not only qualified but with a passion for the work and a desire to serve. You do not always have the luxury of multiple interviews, following up with past employers, calling all character references, or reading through multi-page resumes to help you find the right candidate for the open position.

What follows are 50 quick, easy-to-use, and immediately applied interview questions. These questions will help you to decide quickly whether the candidate you are interviewing is the right fit or not. Each question has been filtered through a vast array of human resources scenarios to determine if any are “questionable” or “offensive” based on current HR laws, regulations, and interviewing rules, (e.g., discriminatory questions based on violations of ADA, Title VI, etc.), and each one has passed the test in the US at the time of this writing.
However, it is always recommended that you check with your local jurisdiction to ensure that any interview question you use is in compliance with the employment laws and regulations in your locale.

Traditional interview questions, (“Tell me about yourself,” or “What is your greatest weakness?”), are okay, but only reveal a fraction of what you need to make a decision for a qualified candidate. You want to use questions, like the following, designed with a laser-like focus to help hone in on specific qualities you are looking for in a candidate, particularly the personality and character of the person.

Since many companies and businesses will vary in their job requirements, the following should not be used to replace any interview questions that may be technical in nature or those used to determine specific skills needed for a particular position. Some of these questions may appear to be geared toward candidates seeking a supervisory position or who aspire to be in leadership. However, based on the role you may be hiring for, (e.g., cashier vs. manager), the answers may be different while still providing the results you seek. Moreover, not every question listed here will be used for every job, but our hope is to arm you with questions that may be used in determining excellence in character and finding passionate and motivated employees.

Simply browse through to the category you are interested in and use those questions to help find the right candidate for your needs.

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