Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hiring people with criminal convictions -GREAT database

One may be barred from working in a job that is related to a criminal conviction. Understanding which jobs you can and cannot be hired for has been difficult for employer and potential employee.

As this article from Minnesota states:

The American Bar Association created the Collateral Consequences website to show how different types of criminal convictions affect employment and other resources. The rules about barred occupations and work restrictions are complicated.

The collateral consequences of a criminal conviction—legal sanctions and restrictions imposed upon people because of their criminal record—are hard to find and harder to understand. Now it will be easier to do both. Congress directed the National Institute of Justice to collect and study collateral consequences in all U.S. jurisdictions, and NIJ selected the ABA Criminal Justice Section to perform the necessary research and analysis. The results are now being made available through this interactive tool.

It has several consequence categories besides employment, including Occupational and professional license and certification, Government contracting and program participation, Government loans and grants, Political and civic participation, Recreational license including firearms and Motor vehicle licensure.

There are Offense categories: Any felony, Any misdemeanor, Crime of moral turpitude, Crimes involving fraud, Crimes of violence, Weapons offenses, Controlled substances offenses, Sex offenses, Public corruption offenses, Motor vehicle offenses and Child Support offenses.

It is broken down by state, naturally.

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