Monday, September 05, 2016

Tips For Hiring The Best Candidates For Your Small Business

From Forbes

Hiring the right talent is critical to the success of any organization, and it’s especially important for a small business.

One employee’s influence can potentially be felt more strongly in a small business than at a large organization. Likewise, when one person leaves a job at a small company, it can be more difficult to cover his or her responsibilities than it would be at a larger firm, especially since most small-business employees wear many hats. One good employee can also propel the business forward, while a bad hire can set back productivity, damage morale, and cost an employer both time and money.

Small businesses created 79,000 jobs in January 2016, according to the ADP Small Business Report. How can hiring managers ensure that these jobs are filled by the best candidates who can set their small business up for future success?

Joanie Courtney, senior vice president of Global Market Insights at job-search company Monster Worldwide, urges small-business owners to be methodical about finding employees who are a good fit, both in terms of the experience they bring to the position and the degree to which they will complement the company culture. Business owners also need to be clear about the roles and responsibilities of the position. For example, a director position at a small company could be different from a position with the same title in a large organization, even in the same industry.

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