Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Practical Guide to Killing (or Saving) Your Corporate Blog in 100 Days

From MarketingProfs

You did it. You built a solid hub of corporate content.

You turned to the abundance of advice available out there—on how map out the content strategy, create newsroom-worthy content, build a following, and engage with users—and you did it.

But now what? You've got a well-planned behemoth of a content machine, but is it sustainable? Will it thrive? Will it survive a year, two years, five years later? Or a few months, even?

Unless all the sweat equity you put into building it continues at the same intensity and pace after it's built, likely not.

Fact is, your blog is destined for a sad end if it's not carefully nurtured and fed engaging content that changes with its readership. It takes more time, attention, and resources than it took to build it. It demands a long-term strategy and an invested team. And without those things, you'll destroy the very thing you worked so long and hard to create.

Here's what happens when a good blog goes bad, and gets killed before it gets a fighting chance to thrive.


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