Monday, September 25, 2017

New Materials: HOST Almanac 2017

We've received some new editions in the library. These are sources we use frequently. One of the latest is the HOST Almanac 2017 (with 2016 data). It is published by Smith Travel Inc. The report covers limited and full-service hotel operations, labor analysis, costs, and expenses such as wages, taxes, golf operations, and maintenance among others. 

You can see how the lodging industry is performing overall, trends,  revenue and expense growth, and transaction volume. A map of profitability change by market offers a very broad view of the US. The markets are broadly by state with some more detailed market information in populous areas.

For the summary tables, hotels are split out by "chain-affiliated" and "independent" and by region in our case, "Mid-Atlantic" as well as split between "full" and "limited" service. You can also see hotels by location types such as urban, suburban, interstate, resort, and small metro/town and class, such as luxury, upper upscale, upper midscale and midscale/economy.

This item does not circulate but can be used for reference. If you have a hotel-related request, get in touch and we can refer to this and other resources to answer your question.

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