Wednesday, September 27, 2017

New Materials: Restaurants & Coffee

The National Restaurant Operations Report 2016

This is another item we get annually for our reference collection. If you are not familiar, it looks at the restaurant industry and provides details like:

  • average check for full-service restaurants
  • average check for limited service restaurants
  • cost per dollar of sales
  • ratio to total sales
  • amount per seat and ratio to total sales
  • annual employee turnover
  • amount per square foot

The National Coffee Drinking Trends Report 2017

  • daily, weekly, yearly consumption by age
  • consumption by type of coffee
  • consumption by region
  • where and when coffee is consumed
  • drinking coffee at home vs in restaurants
  • consumer attitudes
  • year to year trends

The IHRSA Profiles of Success 
The Annual Industry Data Survey of the Health and Fitness Industry

This report provides an industry overview for fitness and health club including club operating benchmarks.
  • membership and attendance
  • leading club data & market share
  • health club member demographics
  • equipment and activity usage data
  • club growth by region
  • financial and operational benchmarks
  • membership agreements
  • profit center analysis

Again, we don't circulate these items but we can provide research using it in answer to your requests.

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