Darrin and Suzy Are Gettin' Hitched

Old Norwegian bachelor farmer Darrin Conroy is getting married tomorrow. O.K., he's not that old, I'm fairly certain he's not Norwegian, and his horticultural skills may be in question. But Darrin and Suzy are indeed tying the knot.

They became good friends some years ago when they worked in the same building, before it evolved into romance.

Before he left work Wednesday, I reminded Darrin not to forget to breathe tomorrow. He indicated that was the exact same advice he got when he went skydiving, almost exactly a decade ago. He wondered if there was a relationship between matrimony and skydiving. I say Yes - both involve jumping, one the broom, the other, out of the plane.

Even though it will be a Christian wedding, both Suzy and Darrin have agreed to take the Buddhist approach to the busyness that leads up to the ceremony and take it as it comes.

If you'd like to contact Darrin, please be aware that he'll be out of the office until June 8. If you call him, the message will remain on his phone, unheard, until his return. Ditto on his e-mail, unless he wastes perfectly good honeymoon time checking it remotely.

Feel free to bug the rest of the librarian crew instead.


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