Half Baked

Well, I am surprised to see that I have not written about this most favorite website. The Halfbakery is a wonderful site for innovative thinkers to run their ideas by other thinkers/would-be inventors. I have found this site useful especially for those - "the world has never seen a product like mine..." clients. For every idea presented, posters will then weigh in on whether they think it is a good idea(viable or not) and often present examples of similar or existing products. Many products are completely fantastical but then some ridiculous sounding ideas have actual examples out in the world. This was the case with the collapsing bollard, and I just read about the "dog jack" that I can imagine being a real product like the doggie stairs we see so often. Here's another that would probably be popular if it existed:
School kid pick up express:
"So what I thought of is a transponder for each family. When we arrive at the school driveway, our ID and our kid(s) name(s) are displayed on a message board, in the order in which we arrived. Also, a pager attached to the child's shirt would beep, vibrate, and, optionally, pound the oblivious nincompoop on the noggin with a mallet, shouting "Your ride's here, you meathead!" (OK, not the mallet, but the verbal message would be good)."

Perhaps our inventor friends could have a look on here before along with their patent searches to see if a similar product already exists. At the very least it is good for a laugh.


Anonymous said…
As opposed to the usual ignorant ranters who comment after news stories, the people who weigh in on these 'ideas' are often as clever as the originator. Fun site!

...Sarah in Watertown

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