Kitchen Incubators

A big part of how successful we are at finding information is having the correct terms. We generally hope that the client will be knowledgeable enough in their field to provide some good key words but of course this isn't always possible. We hear of business incubators often enough but kitchen incubators are becoming more prevalent.

I worked on a request yesterday for a a list of commercial rental kitchens in the NYC metro area. The examples I came across were not all in NYC area and there were a few good pieces on a kitchen incubator in San Francisco that I thought were interesting. I thought I'd share what I found here.

Urban Horizons Kitchen
rents a "4,000 sq ft state-of-the-art, commercial kitchen space." They serve the New York City metropolitan area especially aimed at women and minority businesses.
They also state that "tenants are required to incorporate in order to secure insurance covering product liability. Some of their clients have been Curry Source, Brooklyn; Nana Pearl's, a desserts baker; and Artful Bakers, artisanal bakers. maintains a list of kitchen incubators around the country. You can see the list here: Shoalsec Kitchen Incubator List

Here are a few articles on the trends, both happy and not so.

Mi Kitchen es Su Kitchen
A service in Long Island City for small to medium size food producers - kitchen rental, with several kitchens to choose from, available to rent day and night.

When Cooks' Dreams Outgrow Their Ovens
The New York Times
August 8th, 2007
by Indrani Sen

Food Start-Ups Losing their Kitchen Incubator:
Firms grew; host's funds fell short

by Sacha Pfieffer
Boston Globe
November 14 2006

Western Mass Food Processing Center
Franklin County CDC - Greenfield, MA
"Complete solutions for Food Producers and Entrepreneurs
Community Development Corporation
This organization offers advice and support to growers, food producers, and a copacking/contract manufacturing capability.


Anonymous said…
We are currently opening a new kitchen incubator in the Houston, TX area that will be add some unique elements to the concept. More information at
Anonymous said…
how soon.
Sorry about replying to such an old post, but do you have any updated information on kitchen incubators? I'm trying to find one around Nassau County, NY. Thanks!
Darrin Conroy said…
No need to be sorry!

I typically refer people to the list of commercial kitchens, found at Cornell's Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship:

The Business Incubator Association of NYS has a list of incubators (kitchen or otherwise) here:

Identifying kitchen incubators in this list, though, would require a bunch of deductive reasoning (or contacting them directly, whichever is easier).
Anonymous said…
If you are looking for a list of incubators that are currently in use by real food entrepreneurs visit:

This is one of the more reliable listings, since the owner maintains contact with each incubator owner.

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