For when you want to talk to a real person…

Next time you call a company’s customer service number and would like to speak to a real person, has the tools for you. One of the American Library Associations’ MARS “Best Free Reference Web Sites 2007,” ALA offers this description:

“Aimed at consumers, the gethuman database of 500 companies includes customer service telephone numbers, specific instructions for reaching a human being at each company, and quality of service grades. Users can click on a company name to rate the quality of telephone support.”

The companies are broken down by category, including, but not limited to, automotive, credit, financial, stores, internet and products. It’s also nice to see which companies have real people answering the phone from the very beginning of a call.

Have clients interested in providing better phone customer service? This May 2007 NPR report, "Improving Customer Service Over the Phone" discusses corporate training for customer service representatives, and offers examples of some good and bad techniques.


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Great information Josee. Thank you.

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