Galante's Venture Capital Directory (yes, again)

It's been almost two years since I first wrote about this resource in our collection. I guess our blog has reached the age where we can dip into the archives once in a while to review some older posts.

I won't repeat it verbatim (no need to plagiarize myself). However, I have done a few searches for venture capitalists this week, and, in both occasions, lacked information to create a more focused list.

Most advisors, when requesting such a search, will let us know the industry in question. Also, as a general rule, we limit our results to those firms with an office somewhere in New York. However, there are two other factors worth knowing:

1) The amount of funding being sought (many firms have a minimum and/or maximum amount that they're willing to invest); and
2) The development stage of the business

Galante's defines some of these development stages:

Seed - Concept or idea stage. Money needed to research market and concept feasibility.
Startup - Pre-operational financing of a new business.
First-stage - The business is operational but needs capital to hire additional employees, purchase additional equipment, and roll out its product and marketing program.
Second-stage - Initial sales results are encouraging. Now, additional capital is needed to fund expansion of production and marketing.

Help us out, and keep these in mind when making a VC request.


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