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I get a number of library newsletters via listserv and one of them is by Mary Ellen Bates of Bates Information Service. She covers a huge number of sources with a little brief about each and today I received one on translators on the Internet. And I note that the contribution was originally from Barbara Verble so it is truly making the rounds.

There have been language tools and translators available for some time on the Internet, they are not terribly effective, but still helpful if you want the gist of a passage. While I try not put too much faith in them, I still use them. My options are often limited though to a very few though because I usually need Danish translated and many do not have languages outside of French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese and the other most popular languages.

World Lingo offers a translation service into several major languages and even includes an email translator - new to me, that translated text and sends the message.

They also list PROMPT and (which includes Dutch)

Not included in their list but one I use most frequently is Langenberg which lists several translation engines in one page and includes InterTran which offers Danish and Korean. Their link takes you to where they offer a number of products to buy as well including Palm products. On the Langenberg site, the sections are split out to translation - Word or Phrase; Identify or Guess the Language which is cool; Translate One Word at a Time and Translate a Web Page.

I must also mention a new favorite: Gate2Home which offers a keyboards for other languages online.


Myriam said…
I would be VERY cautious when using these on-line translation tools. I haven't yet found one that is accurate.

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