Trend Towards Pesonalization

It seems the trend to be unique is gathering strength. We notice it in the types of requests we get and in the success stories that we come across. People want their wedding to be "unique" and "special" with personalized favors and cake toppers. Customized m&ms, ketchup bottles, hershey bars, cereal boxes, soda bottles, gift cards, soaps, design-your-own totes and jeans, it seems like whatever you can think of, you can probably personalize it. I enjoy my iGoogle page with all my own source choices grouped in one place - we've become accustomed to having our way and we want to express our individuality through the products we buy. We've been seeing ways to personalize your car or your kitchen mixer.

This is an interesting monthly bulletin and you can also read all of this sites well-considered trends.

Pimp my KitchenAid
Charles Perry for Los Angeles Times
Aug 09, 2007
Soup up your kitchen mixer or fridge or toaster...

In Trend Toward Vanity Food, It's Getting Personal
USA Today
Bruce Horovitz


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