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Here's a site that's been around since the mid-1990s, in one form or another. I can't believe that I'd never blogged about it before, but it's been in my bookmark collection since I was in my late 20s - a loooooong time ago, apparently.

You can search for websites for trade associations through a portal provided by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE):

It's come a long way, as you can now search by numerous methods (like "Association name contains," which is particularly handy). If you need it, you can also search for trade groups based outside of the U.S.

Note that there's also a State field. If you're looking for trade groups with a headquarters in New York State, then this is the field to use. However, I'm assuming that most of these associations will have national or international scope. The National Restaurant Association is based in Virginia, but would still be useful for New York State-based restaurateurs to know about.

So, if you haven't already done so: bookmark this site, no matter what age you are.


Anonymous said…
Hello! I’m a librarian with the Hill Library in St. Paul ( and a frequent reader of your blog. (By the way – good work!) I send out a weekly email newsletter and noticed a coincidence recently. Check out my most current topic, reproduced on our own blog ( I swear I didn’t see your post before sending mine, but the stars are in some sort of crazy alignment! We even mention the same association. Anyway, just a note of hello – keep up the good work.
Darrin Conroy said…
Matt -

Full confession . . . I received your email newsletter, and it reminded me that I had had this site bookmarked for years (as I mentioned in my post). I have a rather enormous roster of bookmarked sites, and some of them slip through the cracks of my mind.

So, you prodded my memory (thanks for that!). We both give ASAE a bit of a push then!

Thanks for writing (and reading our blog!)

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