2006 Traffic Count Data in NYS - in print form!!!

We've gone a bit mad for digitization around here, but you don't need me to tell you that sometimes PDF files of print documents are much easier to use.

Back in May 2005, dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, our blog was only a week old, and Roger wrote a post about a NYS Department of Transportation website that provided links to PDF documents, each of which gave traffic counts for county roads. I know many of you took that link to heart, and used it frequently. Life was simple.

I think it was last year that DOT decided to "improve" the site by creating the Traffic Data Viewer. In their own words, it provides "a web-based index system that allows users to search for current traffic data available from NYSDOT. Users can obtain individual volume, speed and vehicle classification counts while viewing locations where the data was collected on an interactive map."

Good . . . in theory. In reality, I can't figure out how to make the thing work. I've read emails from several advisors who also were left scratching their heads, too.

But print rides to the rescue. The "2006 Traffic Data Report for New York State" is out there, in all its 544-page glory. The fun really begins on page 71. Data is provided for every county highway in the state, which are listed in numerical order. Pages 64-66 help explain how to read the data.

So, in defiance of Egon Spengler, we submit that print is not yet dead.


Anonymous said…
I feel happy! I want to go for a walk!

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