Balancing Work vs. Life

Roger blogged about Canada earlier this week. Since Canada Day is next Tuesday, I'll continue the theme.

Recently, Health Canada published Reducing Work-Life Conflict: What Works? What Doesn’t? While Canadian in focus, it discusses issues that transcend borders.

From its summary:

"More and more workers are finding it difficult to balance the roles of employee, parent, spouse, and eldercare giver. Trying to balance paid work, family responsibilities, and personal needs takes a toll on employers, families, and workers. And it shows up as higher absenteeism, reduced employee commitment, declining job satisfaction, lower workplace morale, and reduced satisfaction with family life . . . the report examines what employers, employees and their families can do to reduce work-life conflict."

It's lengthy (325 pages), but if you're facing this conflict (and have the time), I recommend giving it a read.


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