Business Plans Handbook

One of the most common items requested here at the Research Network are Sample Business Plans. For access to Sample Business Plans, we primarily use two resources: Business Plan Pro and the Business Plans Handbook.

Business Plan Pro is available through a downloadable interface that currently costs $99.95 for the 2008 version.

Business Plans Handbook, of which there are twelve volumes, is available online through a few different sources. NOVELny, which is available for use to all New York residents, includes the Gale Virtual Reference Library, providing access to volumes 1-10 while Reference for Business provides access to volumes 1-11, as well as other valuable business research sources.


Amelia Birdsall said…
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Amelia Birdsall said…
I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again:
The librarians at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh put together the Business Plans and Profiles Index in which they list plans from Business Plan Pro, Business Plans Handbook, as well as free plans on the web. Its a good place to start.

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