Namaste, Bonnie

At a Staff Training event years ago, I encountered Bonnie Gestwicki in the lobby of the hotel. She had a glow about her (she usually did). I asked where she got it from. She mentioned that she attended a kind of meditation session, which ended with the instructor saying that he "honored the light within you".

From there on out, this became a running greeting between us. Today is the last day of Bonnie's run as director of the Corning SBDC, and I'll miss her insight on Finger Lakes wines, her wit & wisdom, and how she sent birthday email greetings to so many of us. Most of all, I'll miss that glow.

So long, Bonster! We honor the light within you. Just don't head for the light any time soon!


I'll miss the fact that she'd call me every year on my birthday! And she won't be working anymore on her next birthday next month.

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