NYS Sales Tax Web File mandatory reporting requirements

Jurisdictional reporting of credits for Sales Tax Web File becomes mandatory for reporting periods beginning September 1, 2013.

For reporting periods beginning September 1, 2013, the Tax Department's Sales Tax Web File service will require vendors to report credit information on a jurisdictional basis. This means for each jurisdiction for which you report activity, you must now separately report your credits against taxable sales and purchases.

This requirement allows the proper amount of sales tax revenue to be distributed to the correct taxing jurisdictions.

Credit reporting features of the Sales Tax Web File service:

You need to report the taxable sales, purchases, and credit information for each jurisdiction and the Tax Department will compute the net amount of sales on which tax is due.

For reporting periods beginning September 1, 2013, you must make an entry in all fields for those jurisdictions where you report activity. If a field does not apply to you, simply enter zero ("0").

If you have a large number of jurisdictions, you can use the jurisdictional upload to report your information quickly and easily.

Learn more about claiming a credit on your sales tax web file return.


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