Advocacy Report Measures the Small Business Benefit of Federal Tax Expenditures

A report published by the Office of Advocacy measures the small business benefit of federal tax expenditures.

Tax expenditures are provisions in the tax law designed to benefit specific groups of taxpayers. They are similar to spending programs but generally do not involve direct federal outlays. Rather, they work through the income tax system, taking the form of special credits, exemptions, deductions, exclusions, and preferential rates. This study estimates the utilization of federal tax expenditure provisions by small and large businesses in 2013.

The report, Measuring the Benefit of Federal Tax Expenditures Used by Small Business, was written by John O’Hare, Mary Schmitt, Judy Xanthopoulos of Quantria Strategies, LLC.

For press inquiries or to speak with Advocacy’s Chief Economist Janemarie Mulvey, Ph.D., contact Elle Patout, Public Affairs and Media Manager, at (202) 205-6533 or


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