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What Next?: Designing the next stage of work in the time of COVID

 Much has been learned about what we need to work, and what we need to have meaningful collaboration under the pall of COVID-19. Many of us would like to think that what we've learned will not be lost. Just about every industry has had to make adjustments to how they conduct business. Time will tell what sticks as we (hopefully) normalize in the next few years. I've read with interest the predictions of how we will work in the face of "old heads" who know one "correct" way to do business. The standards of how we run businesses and how we act in that mode are dyed-in-the-wool and not easily turned. Silicon Valley took a left turn away from traditional work styles in the 90s and yet it had little effect on staid business environments. At least where I've worked, there was no chance of bringing one's dog to work. But now, now we have been forced to use technology that had been present all along but not used fully if at all. We've had to grin and bea