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US Census Bureau - Special Projects - Business Formation Statistics

The Business Formation Statistics (BFS) provide timely data about early-stage business formations at the national, regional, and state level. The BFS use data from the Internal Revenue Service's Employer Identification Number Applications (Form SS-4) to create time series on the number of business applications filed. These data can enhance the ability of researchers, policymakers, analysts, and businesses to assess recent national and local trends in business formation, monitor the state of entrepreneurial activity, and anticipate and respond to shifts in economic conditions. Visualizations

Annual Report on the State of Small Business

Annual Report on the State of Small Business Empire State Development 2019 Annual Report on the State of Small Businesses In accordance with section 134 of the NYS Economic Development Law, Empire State Development (ESD) is required to compile an annual report on the state of small businesses, particularly businesses with less than 25 employees which are often referred to as “microbusinesses.” Please note that the data provided in this report are the most recent available. The data includes such topics as:  Growth & Economic Trends of Small Businesses Employment and Economic Data of Small Businesses in New York State Programs to Improve Small Business Growth in NYS Employment in New York State Small Businesses with 0 - 19 Employees, By Industry (4th Quarter 2017*)  Improving the Business Climate State & Local Business Regulations

What Next?: Designing the next stage of work in the time of COVID

 Much has been learned about what we need to work, and what we need to have meaningful collaboration under the pall of COVID-19. Many of us would like to think that what we've learned will not be lost. Just about every industry has had to make adjustments to how they conduct business. Time will tell what sticks as we (hopefully) normalize in the next few years. I've read with interest the predictions of how we will work in the face of "old heads" who know one "correct" way to do business. The standards of how we run businesses and how we act in that mode are dyed-in-the-wool and not easily turned. Silicon Valley took a left turn away from traditional work styles in the 90s and yet it had little effect on staid business environments. At least where I've worked, there was no chance of bringing one's dog to work. But now, now we have been forced to use technology that had been present all along but not used fully if at all. We've had to grin and bea

Amazon to Support Black Businesses with Accelerator Program

Following on from efforts in 2020 to highlight Black-owned companies already doing business on, Amazon has launched the Black Business Accelerator Program . They are partnering with organizations like the Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency and US Black Chambers, Inc. to reach Black business owners. According to the Amazon website, the benefits are: Financial Assistance A $500 credit for businesses getting started on $400 in advertising credits to raise your profile Free imaging services for products A $10,000 grant "for selected sellers in partnership with Hello Alice , an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. Applications for these grants will open on July 1, 2021." Othe r benefit s includ e busines s educatio n and mentorshi p as wel l a s marketin g an d promotiona l support . Th e offe r i s fo r a yea r o f advisor y service s an d opportunitie s

Small Business Pulse

 The US Census Bureau produces a Weekly Pulse Newsletter that offers a perspective on the state of small businesses in the US.  This survey was developed to gauge the business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US (with some exceptions such as agricultural businesses).  You can subscribe to the Census Bureau surveys - of which there are many - and receive them in your inbox. This stage in the pandemic, when we are focused on returning to "normal",  is an interesting time to take the temperature of how we've borne it. Here are the highlights from their emailed newsletter. You can see periodic pulse reports here . Weekly Pulse Newsletter The U.S. Census Bureau is in a unique position to produce data on the social and economic effects of COVID-19 on American households and small businesses.  Small Business Pulse Survey Updates Explore Data See Data Tables Based on responses collected May 24 through May 30 ,

Small Business Trends During COVID-19

 There are the trends we read about in journals and newspapers and then there are the observations we make from our own perspective - and they don't always match. Throughout this pandemic, we have been able to see with our own eyes the businesses that have closed temporarily or permanently. Friends can tell us how they have been affected by COVID-19 and it is no surprise.  While we see all these outward signs of a shrinking back, there are also indicators of new growth. We have been busy despite COVID-19. This article in Forbes describes what we have seen as supporters of small business owners: Small businesses were hit hard by COVID-19 but there were also a staggering number of new business starts. Small Business Struggle While New Businesses Surge: A Paradox? by  Dane Stangler "Existing small businesses continue to struggle. New entrepreneurs are seeking opportunities. That is what the data appears to be saying about the state of small business and entrepreneurship amidst th