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Amazon to Support Black Businesses with Accelerator Program

Following on from efforts in 2020 to highlight Black-owned companies already doing business on, Amazon has launched the Black Business Accelerator Program . They are partnering with organizations like the Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency and US Black Chambers, Inc. to reach Black business owners. According to the Amazon website, the benefits are: Financial Assistance A $500 credit for businesses getting started on $400 in advertising credits to raise your profile Free imaging services for products A $10,000 grant "for selected sellers in partnership with Hello Alice , an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. Applications for these grants will open on July 1, 2021." Othe r benefit s includ e busines s educatio n and mentorshi p as wel l a s marketin g an d promotiona l support . Th e offe r i s fo r a yea r o f advisor y service s an d opportunitie s

Small Business Pulse

 The US Census Bureau produces a Weekly Pulse Newsletter that offers a perspective on the state of small businesses in the US.  This survey was developed to gauge the business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US (with some exceptions such as agricultural businesses).  You can subscribe to the Census Bureau surveys - of which there are many - and receive them in your inbox. This stage in the pandemic, when we are focused on returning to "normal",  is an interesting time to take the temperature of how we've borne it. Here are the highlights from their emailed newsletter. You can see periodic pulse reports here . Weekly Pulse Newsletter The U.S. Census Bureau is in a unique position to produce data on the social and economic effects of COVID-19 on American households and small businesses.  Small Business Pulse Survey Updates Explore Data See Data Tables Based on responses collected May 24 through May 30 ,