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Gender Wage Gap By State - Census Bureau

 If you need a reason to start a business, the gender wage gap may be a factor. The Census has created a new visualization of the disparity between male and female wages. I checked out the map and had a peek at New York State which has a nearly $9000 pay gap. This article acknowledges contributing factors to the discrepancy including age, hours worked, children, and level of education as well as the types of jobs held.

SBDC Client Spotlight - D. Parker & Sons

This Black History Month we had the opportunity to chat with long-time entrepreneur and SBDC client John Parker, owner of D. Parker & Sons. In 1978, John took over the construction business started by his grandfather in 1911. John's energy and pioneering spirit are a tribute to his business philosophy of keeping things simple and knowing when to bob and weave, Joe Louis style.  Shortly after incorporating D. Parker & Sons in 1978, the business successfully applied for Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification. John’s eldest daughter Hillary worked on D. Parker & Sons' certifications for NYC contracts during this time and the firm successfully won many high-profile projects. John’s advice to other Minority/Women-owned Businesses: “Certification is a great way to earn money in the state and government procurement process. It is to your advantage.” “John Parker has been a Stony Brook SBDC client since 2018 which has allowed me the opportunity to support hi

Leadership in Small Business

      I n the spirit of new year's resolutions, I wanted to share a couple of articles on being a leader for your business. These items are about the need for leadership and what that means. Many people don't consider their leadership style; they either inherit a method or randomly strike out without a plan. Organizations often randomly develop a cobbled together method that is predominantly reactionary. We admire companies that have a well-developed set of goals and philosophy but don't sit down to translate values into an approach for ourselves. Putting out fires is necessary but equipping your business with a value system that can be flexible and respects all involved ensures that employees and partners are equipped to handle the inevitable challenges that arise. Like any other skill, leadership skills can be developed. Organizing people toward a shared goal may seem like herding cats but most people want to do better. Seizing on that impulse is key and can be encouraged