The Good News

After living for several years as an expat in the UK, you would think that I would be immune to the perpetual critique of the US and Americans that goes on. But I am not. Not even when I agree or can clearly see the truth in what is said. But this also inspires in me a need to represent the good people I know who are trying to make a difference day-to-day. Most people I know are not Hummer-driving, junk-food guzzling, paper-towel-wasting, supporters of ne'er-do-wells in the world. So,as usual came home from a trip to the UK feeling the need for a little good news, and after a few futile attempts returned to The Good News Network to see if in fact there was any good news. Well, sometimes these things can backfire, because the good news can seem so anemic compared to the bad news...but! If there is good news to be had, they will find it - and I am pleased to read that Google is trying to help develop clean energy to offset it's use of electricity and that healthy school lunches are not more expensive and are enjoyable to the children who eat them. If that doesn't pick you up, you can watch the Dave Matthews song "Everyday' which will bring tears to your eyes - in a good way.


Anonymous said…
If the Dave Matthews song is the one with the guy giving out hugs to strangers, then, you're right, it WILL bring tears to the eye! What a nice video!
Anonymous said…
That link takes you to someplace else, so I googled it, and it should be (not .com).


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