Filing for Bankruptcy Without an Attorney

Not to say it is recommended, but I still like to see sites that help people help themselves, and this one is offered by the US Courts: How to handle your own bankruptcy. Even if an attorney were consulted, at least it offers a clear idea of what needs to happen. Bankruptcy Basics runs through the chapters and what they mean and includes a glossary. There is also a page of Bankruptcy Resources.


Bankruptcy Filings Down for Fiscal Year 2007,
Up for Quarter

Bankruptcy 'tweak' could save 600,000 homes
Consumer group pushes for change to bankruptcy law; others worry about negative impact on mortgage-debt markets.
By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer
October 1 2007

Changes to Bankruptcy Rules (Effective 12/1/07)
By Brett Weiss, Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney on Dec 15, 2007


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