Business Incubators (deja vu)

The Research Network has answered over 23,000 questions since its inception. I've been around for most of them. Most every new request reminds me of something we've researched in the past. It's that deja vu feeling, on a daily basis.

You can't trust it, though. I wanted to write a post about business incubators in New York, but I was sure I'd done it a year ago.

I hadn't. I looked & looked, but there's no record of it. My bad. Sometimes, I just think I remember things.

All righty then. David Hochman, the Executive Director of BIA/NYS, visited a Directors' Meeting within the past year. He let on that their website features contact information & descriptions of active business incubators throughout the state. Here's the URL:

Pass this list on to clients of yours whom you feel have the potential to benefit.

And sorry for not getting this to you earlier. Say, a year ago.


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