Restaurant Names - Feel Like a Number

We're members of the National Restaurant Association (though the only things we cook around here are leftovers at lunch). As such, I get emails from this organization, linking to stories that represent current trends in the industry.

Today's email cited a recent story in the Providence Journal (you might - MIGHT - have to register [for free] to read this) as to the trend of naming restaurants after their location. Restaurants rely heavily on word-of-mouth, and if its name includes all or part of its address, then industry insiders feel that these owners have a great advantage.

The article cautions against possible trademark infringement, as well as taking care not to create a name that sounds more like a union chapter than a place to eat. However, keep this advice in mind for your restaurant clients who are still debating what they should call their place.

(NOTE: There are quotes in this piece that infer that a number-in-the-name strategy is an advantage for people who look to the Internet to find a place to eat. I'm not 100% sold that, because a business has a number in its name, it will appear in an online directory before one that does not. Names & websites are not necessarily ranked strictly alphabetically, with the numbered places coming first. It's a bit more complicated than that.)


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