Successful Teams

In most organizations the raw materials of the successful team exist; like dedication to service or professional ability, quality control. Where many, many organizations fall down is in the area of communication, sharing expertise, and a supportive environment. In particular, an appreciation of differing styles of working is essential to the smooth running of any organization. The detail oriented worker cam still have an appreciation of the big-picture worker; the process man can make room for the innovator. Organizations or businesses may have a plan but no process to truly implement it - the goal may be to empower employees but in practice, employees are micromanaged, evidence of a lack of trust. Or there is lip-service to the idea of communication but no process or game plan for dealing with conflict. To read up on teambuilding, check out Free Management Library


Anonymous said…
I just got an email informing me that 40 people were just laid off. I also understand that the president Jordan Lane has left to start his own debt settlment compnay with a few of the vetern pros from Swiftrock, Topaz, and MesaRock.
Observation from a former employee. Swiftrock does try to help its clients, however the infrastucture in the compnay is severly lacking. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing and because of this... clients suffer.
Heres the thing... and this is just my thoughts... the company used to be killing it from a production standpoint. This time last year in the Austin office.. they were doing around 3-5 million a month...Not bad... This year in the same office.. they might be doing 1-2. If they don't outsell there cancellation rate... the business is in serious trouble.... which could potentially lead to BK and all that client money put in... lost.

In close, Swiftrock is trying to do the right thing... however the lack of upper level leadership might be its undoing. At this point if you are reading this...and considering debt settlement as an option... I would ask about the stabilty of the company.

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