Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Help Me, Rhonda

Rhonda Abrams is a businesswoman who writes a syndicated weekly column about entrepreneurship, printed in several newspapers across the country as well as appearing online. She's a big fan of the SBDCs, as this column will attest.

Her December 30, 2005 column is entitled Websites for Entrepreneurs, and I recommend it. It includes:

Synergos Technologies "If you’re thinking of doing business in a location, or just going on a business trip, you’ll find this website a quick and easy way to find information about that city." Some of it is Census data, but other data includes weather, school districts, and travel distances to other cities.

Library of Congress State Govt. Page
State and Local Government on the Net
"Need to know what state laws apply to your business? Find a link to your state and local governments at these websites."

Industry association links: "I think trade associations are an amazing source of information, data, and advice for entrepreneurs; since I couldn’t find an easy-to-use list of associations on the web, I compiled one myself and put it on my website." This is VERY useful, especially if you don't have access to the Encyclopedia of Associations or its electronic equivalent.

Angel Capital Association: "Check this website for a directory of angel capital groups – perhaps you’ll find one in your area."

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