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Beware credit counseling services like Clear Your Debt LLC

An advisor at one of our regional centers asked me to share some information he learned while working with a client last week. During the course of the counseling session, the client revealed she had signed up with a credit counseling service, Clear Your Debt LLC, from Austin, TX. The advisor was concerned when he read the contract the client signed, which prompted him to investigate the company. The Better Business Bureau in Austin told the advisor they had received numerous complaints against Clear Your Debt LLC. Though Clear Your Debt promised financing, counseling and other assistance, the advisor’s conclusion - after reading their confusing contract and talking to the BBB - was that the client would pay $15,000 for basically nothing. At that point, the advisor encouraged the client to return the contract she signed and cancel the agreement (this was within 3 days of the client signing the agreement). The advisor called me and asked that I share the information with other SBDC advisors in case any of you encounter a client with questions about Clear Your Debt LLC. The advisor’s message is that small business owners should be cautious when dealing with any credit counseling services such as Clear Your Debt, and avoid any signing any agreement or contract with them without first talking to an advisor.

Here are a few informational items you may want to share with your clients:

The FTC website has a series of fact sheets for consumers, including the following.
Ø Knee Deep in Debt - go to -

Ø Fiscal Fitness: Choosing a Credit Counselor – go to -

Ø Credit Repair: Self Help May Be Best – go to - ran an article with basic information about dealing with credit counseling agencies in June 2002. It is a little dated, but I think the information is still relevant.

'Click here to be debt-free': What you should know before signing up with a credit counseling agency, by Staff Writer Jeanne Sahadi, June 18, 2002: 1:31 PM EDT

--Mary Hoffman


Anonymous said...

I am a current client of Clear Your Debt, and I think that there must be some confusion. I have been a client of theirs for over a year, and they have already saved me over $16,000 in balances with three creditors that they have helped me with. I did pay a service fee, but it was worth the 5k I paid to save $25,000 in the end. They explained the program to me as a drastic measure, to keep from filing BK. I will be done with my program in another year and a half, and I would have had to file BK for sure if it wasn't for these people. Next time, maybe you guys should do your homework first!!!

Roger Green said...

1. We did do our homework. We stand by the piece.
2. Over the years, we have found a few "clients" with "testimonials" for questionable products or services that appeared to either have come from the companies themselves or, as in this case, were anonymous.

carguy101 said...


Obviously you did NOT do your homework! Did it ever occur to you that a client in a settlement program wouldn't want the world to know about it?? Do you think it be a bit embarrassing to find yourself in that predicament?? Our dealership ROUTINELY sends clients to Clear Your Debt LLC, and has been pleased with the dignity they show OUR potential clients, clients that are hard pressed to find ANY respect! As a finace director, I must inform you that you are out of your element, but leave it to the media to try to smear a good company!

regretfully in debt said...

My husband and I are a current client with clear your debt. They were not completely honest about the program and its fees. We feel as if we were scammed! Not to mention how it has really affected our credit. We went from the high 600's to now at the low 400's in just a matter of months!!! Not to mention the LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM we experienced with MANY of their employees. LAZY!!! DO NOT TRUST CLEAR YOUR DEBT. You are better off filing bankruptcy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of CYDebt, I am warning not trust them or Swiftrock Financial ( They also opened an office in San Antoino, TX known as Topaz Financial Services ( They claim to be a Christian company--they aren't. Coming from an insider, please do not trust these people. They will do anything and everything to keep you in their program to squeeze a little bit more money out of you every month. Their employees are lazy. They are liars. They are young and uneducated. They are not doing anything with creditors that you cannot do yourself, without paying that extra cash.

Anonymous said...

As a current employee of Clear Your Debt I think all the negative feedback we get is ridiculous. To the person who posted before that they were a former employee, sounds like someone is just a little upset at the fact that they couldn't hack it here and lost their job because they weren't producing. Don't leave bad impressions with people because you didn't have what it took. Chances are you were a credit specialist who wasn't educated enough to sign people up. I won't disclose which department I work in but I will say that I know the company in and out and I know what they do and do not do. WE DO HELP PEOPLE! A LOT OF THEM. We do EXACTLY what we say we are going to do PERIOD. Some people aren't willing to accept the fact that they are usually in a serious situation that needs resolution immediately. There are some things that they are open to that WE HELP WITH, things that would happen to them if they were here or not. With that said, any option you decide to purse is going to have good things and bad things that come with it. YES, their credit does take a hit while they are here but there are ways we help people in getting their credit back in good standing. I have done it with numerous clients of mine. YES, we do charge a service fee. HELLO! we have to feed our kids too. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FREE so that is a stupid problem to post. Come on, be serious. We don't charge any higher fee than most settlement companies in the nation. YES, we have BBB complaints. And your point is? Dell alone has THOUSANDS and they are still a trusted MULTI BILLION dollar company. We have complaints because the industry we are in deals with people that don't usually make a lot of money. Most of our clients are stressed and upset and don't feel like we do work quick enough for them even though we outline exactly how long it will take. Most of my clients understand this is a long process but the ones that don't, just like most people, put the blame on us. YES, most of the people here are Christian and we try and mold our work ethics around that of a Christian. Are you so twisted and sick that you have to questions someones faith and what they do because you couldn't do your job? That is truly upsetting and I wouldn't be writing this otherwise. Bottom line, there is a client that just told you people that we helped her. Obviously we aren't going to just help one out of thousands. WE SETTLE DEBTS EVERY SINGLE DAY AND WE HELP PEOPLE THROUGH SOME OF THE HARDEST PARTS IN THEIR LIFE. WE SAVE PEOPLES LIVES HERE!!! MOST OF OUR CLIENTS ARE HANGING ON THE EDGE AND WE ARE THE ONLY THING THEY HAVE TO HOLD ON TO. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A COMPANY DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU MAKE OUTRAGEOUS ACCUSATIONS. I have been here pretty much since we started and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. THIS JOB IS THE REASON I CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT? How do you?

Anonymous said...


Roger Green said...

Dear Anonymous and Anonymous (5/7):
I suppose you've never read that WRITING IN ALL CAPS IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING, and it's really difficult to read.

Anonymous said...

Roger Green--You're a smart man!

hlb said...

I have been a client of Clear Your Debt since August 2007 and have received absolutely no benefit from this company. I'm cancelling their services today, but I've paid them a lot of money in service fees, and all for nothing. My credit score used to be well above 700 but is now in the 400's thanks to CYD who made nothing but empty promises. Their program sounds great when they're trying to obtain your business; however, after that, it's mostly downhill. Their customer service is definitely lacking; in fact, the whole process has been terribly frustrating. I would have been much better off handling my creditors myself. Now, because so much time has passed, without CYD performing the negotiations they promised, I now face astronomical creditor bills because of late fees, increased interest rates, etc. Please do not trust this company!

Anonymous said...

HLC: So let's were a client since August 2007, it's now May 2008...that's about 9 months you were in a program.

Since the majority of debt relief programs last 36 months at least because clients in hardship situation don't usually have the funds to settle with their creditors right away or they wouldn't call a debt settlement company that means that you have completed most likely 1/3rd or less or your debt relief program.

Imagine that your creditors haven't been paid back in full yet, but if you didn't cancel and you completed your agreement that they would be...hard to say that the company didn't do their job if you didn't complete your obligation or even stay in your debt relief program even a year...sounds like a lack of commitment and/or trust on your part, unless you didn't realize that you were in a multi-year program...of course you have a signed contract most likely and it should clearly state the length of term that you agreed to.

How long of a debt relief program did you sign up for in August 2007...and how exactly were you going to handle this debt on your own and how would you have done so in 9months?

Easy to point fingers...but provide some facts too.

Anonymous said...

someone is a tad defensive...

Anonymous said...

I was a client of clear you debt for 2 years my credit score at the begining was in the high 600's I did it to get rid of my credit cards because I was having my first child. I was assured by the credit counsoler that My credit would not be compromised in anyway. It was I am now having to file bankruptcy. With the help of the BBB and my creditors and bank, we are now starting the process of mediation that clear your debt now says I wasn't a client at all and they don't have any of my info. Futher into the complaint with the BBB mind you, after the BBB told them I have all the paperwork from them as well as certified letters from my creditors, they have now said the found me in the "system". I have now been advised to seek legal advice and we are now waiting on a response from cyd to the BBB. The BBB says they have had several of the same complaints. For anyone who has doubts we have done our research, if you want to go through a good ccs go to this site It gives you legit companies. Also if you google debt consoladation fraud you will find articles from the IRS about these compainies being non profit which they are trying to eliminate as well. I have actually contacted the Federal Trade Comission as well and they are also looking to take on the case.

Brad Lawrence said...

CYDEBT is a company that has NO corporate morals, Christian Values, or Ethics. My wife and I believed that CYDEBT would help us become financially free before our retirement in 6 years. After collecting more than $9,500 the only service rendered is setting up a file and sending us a few letters to mail. RANDY LEPLEY claims to take personal pride in his interaction with clients. We went months without CYDEBT returning a phone call or e-mail. We formally requested a refund and gave CYDEBT a factual timeline of all of our attempted communications. The facts include that we received a settlement offer from a company and telephoned TRAVIS BINGHAM, our "Special Handling" representative, numerous times asking for assistance. NO ASSISTANCE or return call was received. We settled the debt for 46% of the original balance WITHOUT any assistance from CYDEBT even though we were Clients. LEPLEY agreed that we were owed a refund because of CYDEBTS failure to preform per the Customer Service Agreement. We negotiated a refund amount and LEPLEY said he would talk to JORDAN LANE, the VP, to get the refund authorized. That was 3 weeks ago and we have not heard from them. We leave telephone messages every day and send e-mails. All go without return calls or replies. Today we found out through an employee that RANDY is no longer available to us.
DO NOT use CYDEBT. Currently we are speaking with a local law firm for arbitration.
SAVE your money and frustration, avoid CYDEBT. They WILL NOT help!

Anonymous said...

FYI, Clear Your Debt,AKA Swiftrock Financial, AKA Topaz in San Antonio TX,owned by Darin Scott,ran by Jordan Lane (Thats the problem)been in business about 3 years. Claimed to be a Christian based company (LOL).Changed their name in January to hide from all the bad press. If you search deep enough you will find horrible stories in CO,MI,TX about their business practices.Check with the BBB about them. ( Also
Hurry because they will most likely change their name again or worse yet file chapter 11.
They get most of their employees off of craigslist. Avg age is 25yrs old with no financial background.No one there is Certified to counsel anyone.
They tell people on the phone that they have 10,000 clients, 25,000 clients, etc. Truth is their retention rate is about 38% based on what their unlicensed attorney says.Settlement is a good business if you are in it for the long haul but these guys are trying to make a bundle and as quick as possible.
Like with anything do your research.

Anonymous said...

i take it you are a former employee? congrats on getting out...

Anonymous said...

Take it from an actual employee, we settle debts and help clients all the time. My guess is that someone is a little scared to put their name on the post in fear of being sued for slander. You should probably cut back on the energy drinks and find another job. You got fired. Suck it up and quit taking out your anger on us. YES we utilize three different companies. Did you not already state that previously? We have these companies NOT due to our reputation, especially considering that in recent survey we had the highest positive reputation in the nation. We have these three companies to ultimately retain more clients. You are an idiot. Basically none of you know anything because none of you work here and I am so glad for that. It doesn't sound like anyone can make you happy with any service they provide. Good luck to the people that broke their commitment. I hope you find resolution elsewhere. Good luck to that moron that keeps posting about how bad of a company we are because we fired you. YOU WERE LAZY AND USELESS. You're the reason we do have some bad marks, people like you that don't do their job to help our clients. Good luck to the people that think they know everything when they know absolutely nothing. Ridiculous. It's easy to throw a bunch of names and numbers out to try and make us look bad. Shoot, if your trying this hard you must be really mad you got let go, probably because this is a really good job. VERY FULFILLING.

Anonymous said...

See below..

“Clear Your Debt” actually clears victims’ bank accounts

Kimberly Donaldson couldn’t handle staring at a stack of unpaid credit card statements one more day. So when Clear Your Debt promised to negotiate settlements with her creditors, she thought they were the answer to her prayers. They even claimed to be a “Christian” organization--yet another reason Kimberly felt comfortable giving them her personal financial information.

But once Kimberly turned over all of her banking and credit information, she never heard anything from the company. They began withdrawing nearly $700 a month from her checking account, but she had no idea where the money was going.

It certainly wasn’t going to her creditors. They began calling her at work, demanding payments. Some even threatened to sue her.

Kimberly called Clear Your Debt for answers, but says the company wouldn’t take her calls or return her emails. She turned to the BBB in Austin, TX and filed a complaint.

Clear Your Debt claims they successfully deal with both small and large amounts of unsecured debt and that their expertise is based on years of experience in the debt settlement industry. They further boast that their unique debt reduction strategies have helped customers nationwide successfully get their finances back on track.

But their file at BBB tells a different story. BBB has already processed 49 complaints against them. 15 more are still pending. And they all follow the same pattern:

Consumers allege they are not notified that they are actually enrolled in the company’s debt settlement program. They are told they are merely filling out an application for the company to review and will be told later if they qualify. Consumers say monthly debits are made from their checking accounts without their consent or knowledge.
Consumers are also concerned about a lack of communication between Clear Your Debt and their creditors. Many state they have been sued by creditors because of the company’s failure to provide promised services. Consumers complain their own phone calls and emails are not answered either.
And finally, consumers claim Clear Your Debt does not honor their cancellation requests and continues to withdraw money from their accounts.

Clear Your Debt says their customers sign agreements that clearly spell out the terms and conditions of their services and that they state in that agreement that even though they do everything they can to negotiate settlements, creditors may still threaten to sue their customers.

Kimberly is now considering closing her bank account and hiring an attorney to handle her debt. She says she may even have to file bankruptcy.

Red Flags That Signal Trouble - BBB says watch out for a company that:

Demands that you provide account numbers or other financial details before it will discuss its services or fees. Reputable credit counseling agencies are happy to provide free information upfront about their services.
Boasts that it can "lower your monthly payments by 30 to 50%." This bold statement is rarely, if ever, true.
Promises that it can "get you out of debt easily." This is an irresponsible advertising claim. Getting out of debt is rarely an "easy" task. Avoid counselors who promise a quick and easy way to fix your credit problems.
We won't need much time. Steer clear of any agency that claims it can evaluate your situation in just minutes, or that offers to do so quickly over the phone. If services are provided over the phone, make sure the counselor is evaluating your personal situation, and not rushing to provide generic advice that could apply to any consumer. Experienced counselors may want to spend close to an hour with you reviewing your financial situation before recommending how to address your financial condition, and may offer follow-up sessions.
Claims that it can remove negative information, such as bankruptcy, from your credit report. It is illegal to make such a representation if the negative information reflects your true credit history. Accurate information cannot be removed from a person's credit report.
Issues a blanket recommendation for a debt management plan. DMPs are not for everyone. Do not agree to establish one unless and until you have reviewed your personal situation with a certified credit counselor who recommends such a plan and then customizes the plan to best manage your debt.
Requires "voluntary" contributions. Required "voluntary" contributions are not voluntary!
Is reluctant to provide the organization's business name and address. This is a clear sign of impending fraud. A toll-free telephone number or e-mail address is not sufficient. Scam artists typically avoid providing their physical location to thwart law enforcement detection.
Insists that you make an immediate decision. Reputable credit counselors will permit you time to evaluate their offer, shop around and make a determination that best suits your financial situation. As you are doing your research, however, remember that timing is critical when addressing your financial situation. Delays can cause your circumstances to worsen.

Anonymous said...

As a college student, I racked up some debt on things that student loans just wouldn't cover. It got out of control, and so my mom tried to help me by going with Clear Your Debt. Never have I ever made such a huge mistake. What did they claim? That they were Christian affiliated. That you *might* be taken to court, but nothing serious would happen. That they had your back. Clear Your Debt dropped the ball on me in a big way. Here's what happened:

The phone calls that they said would cease in a few months, from angry creditors, NEVER STOPPED. I had to get my number changed, and I bet they're still to this day, eight month later, calling the hell out of that number.
CEASE AND DESIST, MY @$$. Each letter cost $8 to send, and in reality, most credit card companies probably laughed at them. None of them take Clear Your Debt seriously, I am STILL getting letters about settling things aside from Clear Your Debt. So when this company says that they are dealing with creditors, in what way? They tell you to not contact the company, so your credit card companies think you've just simply stopped paying your bills and have no plans of making good on them. Meanwhile, your late fees and charges add up, and you end up totally @#%&%@ if you do want to ever make good on it on your own.

You might pick up that I'm angry here, that is because, one of the creditors completely disregarded that I am with Clear Your Debt, and summoned me to court, 300 miles away. I was in college at the time, unable to even attend, so I don't even know what happened at that hearing.

But I do know this, I am going to have to file bankruptcy at the age of 23 because of these people. One of the companies froze my mom's bank account just because my name was on it. I am not the primary account holder and I have yet to make one deposit into her bank! The credit card companies will strong-arm you into paying if they want to, and Clear Your Debt just sits back and says, "well just tell them you're with us." Bottom line, the credit card companies don't care. Stay far, far away from this company or ones like it if you don't want your credit totally ruined.

pawan said...

Credit Counseling Programs include all the financial which are needed in financial problems. If we talk about credit cart then it is used by a large number of people whether they are in financial problems or not. It is very helpful tools as it is easy to use.

Olayemi Eric Ogunbase said...

Ah, Clear Your Debt.

One thing I noticed were a lot of anonymous posters here. Don't be afraid of who you are! Post freely. You'll feel better...I promise.

Now, about good ol' CYDEBT. What can I say that hasn't been said?

When I first started working there in October of 2006, the company was open and honest. I remember Jordan was going through a nasty custody battle. The one thing about Jordan Lane (VP of Sales or Ops) that people need to know...the guy has a genuine heart. I honestly believe that. Maybe I'm foolish. However, it's no secret that money is his god.

He is one of the most brilliant sales trainers I've ever come across. However, the longer I was with the company, the farther away we drifted from the mission that was conveyed when I was hired.

Make no mistake, when I was first there, we were all about helping people. That's why we signed so many up. That belief level was sky high. But, as time goes on, as some of the people you "helped" call you at 2 in the morning, crying because they're going to lose their homes or their spouse is leaving can you do it?

Cognitive dissonance will only take you so far, and if you have a conscience, you eventually feel sick with each call you make. During the last month I was there, I developed quite the drinking problem, as I had to have at least 3 dirty martinis and a few long islands, just to be able to go in there and convince people to do this program. Eventually, I stopped doing even that.

The guys who run it, Derin Scott and Jordan Lane have the ability and resources to help people. If they truly did that (and would hire me, I wouldn't have a problem going back and working for them. But, I highly doubt it.

I occasionally pray for them. Because they can still do good. I hope they have a change of heart, and actually do it.

Until they do, I'd recommend staying away from these companies, Clear Your Debt, Swiftrock and Topaz.

Anonymous said...

i am more or less in the same situation :a client of cydebt,unhappy and there are 10 months since i have start with them!do i have any way of getting out of this scam?but check this the very "first"8 months they took their own fees,do not forget that this thing wasn't mentioned and i have proof to show their e-mails from our first conversations.I know its my fault but now i need to solve this matter!does anyone have succed to get out from this situation?yes the procedure was same as i read it from all other "clients"found on in here. my story is similar to others!but now i am trying to get out before its too late! i am already very dissapointed!

Olayemi Eric Ogunbase said...

Well, assuming the CYDebt paperwork hasn't changed, it's made very clear in the paperwork that their fees are coming out first.

Chances are, you didn't read the paperwork and were rushed through to Docusign process. It amazes me how many people don't read what they sign.

Now, you can get back any payments you've made in the last 60 days if you go to your bank and ask them to reverse it under regulation E. But if you tell them you authorized it, it won't go I've heard.

Really though, have your creditors gotten your letters and Powers of Attorney from them? I mean, the fees have been paid. You may as well save your money in the account like you're supposed to be doing, and try to get them to negotiate the settlement, per the terms of your agreement.

It's sucks, but you've paid this money, might as well make them earn the final third of their service fee (again, read your agreement), since they don't do refunds.

Anonymous said...

At the present time, financial companies have to deal with an enormous amount of debtors. It is hard for them to deal with this problem and that is why they are using the services of Debt Service companies. These companies, however, do not always treat the debtors in the appropriate manner. On this great site you may find lots of consumers’ feedbacks about the debt collection agencies.

Jordan Lane said...

All of this back and forth is a shame. If anyone needs additional help please call me directly. 512-439-1551. We do our best to make good on our promises to the consumer, but given the size of our organization, it is to be expected that a hand full of our clients might have issues, issues that I would love to resolve. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jordan Lane
VP of Operations

B. B. said...

I just wanted to say something about the negative feedback about Topaz Financial.
We disclose exactly how long it will take for the program to be completed. We tell the customer the payment break down, that it will have a negative effect on the customers credit, and exactly how long it will take to get out of the program. The customers complaining did not fulfill the program. If you choose a 36 month program it will take 36 months to get the desired results. We are asked to be 100% honest with customers, to not accept people that this program will not benefit and to do our best to help people. This is what is expected by Jordan and Caleb. Just like any other company that deals with customers sometimes you get an employee that isn’t honest and may mislead a customer. I am completely confident that if an employee is not being 100% honest with a customer the employee would be reprimanded and probably terminated. I feel great about my job here and think that if you worked here and you are blogging about how dishonest this place is maybe you should look at the type of employee you are. We are what we say we are, and we do what we say we do. If you are in our program and you bail early, then you chose to go elsewhere. If you are in a 36 month program and you stay in the program, you are done and have the results we promised. It’s that simple. I just wanted to say something.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lane, thanks for leaving your number. But after we called and left a message, still no response. Hmm.

Jordan Lane said...

Sarah B.,

I just left a message at the number in which you provided on you message, but it was for someone named "Denise"? If that is the correct number, I left my personal cell phone number, please feel free to contact me on that line. If this is NOT the correct number, please email me at with a good number. Thanks so much for providing me the opportunity to speak with you.

Jordan Lane

Anonymous said...

We talked to Jordan Lane, VP of Clear Your Debt. They are going to reimburse us 1/2 of what we paid in to be decent, even though they wouldn't have had to. I guess the lesson to be learned here is that if you're going to do a debt settlement, you have to be prepared for the scare tactics that credit card companies will use. This could include freezing a bank account, taking you to court, nonstop letters and calls (even thought they DO send out cease and desist letters, some companies will keep it up anyway). I honestly hoped it would never get as far as court, and only one company out of several did go that far. You will have better luck if you are prepared and keep on top of the situation, and yes, go to court if necessary. We were told if we would have shown up for court, the judge would have been understanding that we were working with Clear Your Debt. I never thought speaking my mind on this blog would lead to a resolution, so I am very thankful for that. Thank you, Mr. Lane.

Glenn P said...

My wife and I have been a client of Clear Your Debt for just about a year. In that time I have had many conversations with CSR's such as Kim S and many supervisors. Because debt settlement is such a difficult and painful process we have had to stay in touch with CY Debt to work out misconceptions and misunderstandings on our account. In all our discussions with CY Debt we have found them to be upfront in dealing with issues important to us. My wife and I have been treated with the utmost of respect and dignity when speaking with the officers, supervisors and staff of Clear Your Debt about our case. In particular, VP Jordan Lane has returned my phone calls as well as any supervisor under his employ of which I requested. In ALL cases a resolution was forthcoming with agreement between all parties. It has been a pleasure to work with CY Debt and I would encourage anyone to do business with the firm. Our decision to go with CY Debt was a long and thoughtful process full of fact-finding and research. Those individuals I have sent to CY Debt have been extremely satisfied with their experience. I am grateful to Jordan Lane and his staff for the assistance we have received in this past year and we look forward to accomplishing what was our intent and theirs—for us to become debt free! I trust others will see this comment and know that even though it is sometimes difficult overcoming obstacles when working with personal service companies; if they give CY Debt an opportunity to help, they will do so with professionalism and an attitude of service that is refreshing in the marketplace today. We are very satisfied with our decision and glad to endorse such a rare and fine team of professionals striving each day to do a good job on behalf of it's clients.

tcsmpsi said...

I beware of everyone. I am currently speaking with a representative of Swift Rock. I've had four conversations with him, with the most recent being this morning. As with any type sales business, he is trying to sell his product. He has never been the least evasive or reluctant to divulge any information. It was apparent, when I first understood the manner in which the program works, that my credit score would have to take a massive hit for the duration of the program I chose.

I was told up front that part of their end comes from some of the first payments. It also became clear, that for the leverage needed to negotiate, the credit issuing company would have a reason to negotiate. Ultimately, that would be to consider no other viable alternative to gather funds from the borrower. Which would mean that the borrower (me) would have to be considerably deliquent.

What is happening to me now, is what is happening to many people. Many, like myself, who for many, many years have never been late once, over the limit, etc. Many of the creditors are lowering the current limits, which lowers available credit, which lowers the credit score, which causes more creditors to lower limits, impose higher interest, etc., etc. The cycle is reaching a point that I am going to have to do something.

The Swift Rock representative has encouraged me to research them, take the time to find the right questions, involve my spouse in the questioning, etc. I have been around a long time, and been taken on a ride more that I care to admit. But, they have ultimately been learning experiences, and it's been a long time since I've been taken, or even given any time to explain.

I understand their program is a predetermined length program. As I have mentioned to the representative, I have to decide whether I am willing for my credit to be 'ruined' for that long. However, due to the current cycle of what's happening, I see my score lower and lower each time I check. As far as if I'm sued, I long to get one/some of the creditors in court (on their dollar).

Our wages aren't and haven't been increasing. In the last couple months, we have seen our retirement fund lose over 70%.

The CC companies and collection companies are strong arm responders, and nothing short of an effective court order is likely to actually have any effect on them. That's just the way it is.

If Swift Rock (or any of the other similar companies) were to litigate each creditor/borrower into court to retain such order, their fees would have to be astronomically unlimited.

The Swift Rock representative is supposed to call me back in two days. I don't know. I want to think I can keep the flow going, but reality tells me it is going to get worse. I'm a little past my limit of ability to pay, and sometimes have to utilize the available credit to 'catch up'.
This is not good, nor ultimately effective.

I know what I'm looking at if I do decide to employ the assistance of Swift Rock. As I told the representative today, I would utilize them only because I would like to have some sense of structured application, and to do the best I can with the problem at hand.

I know, most can be done on my own. However, if it did go to court, I would like to have the ability to show some movement toward assistance.

Gloria said...

I joined CyDebt in Feb., 2008 and at that time found not negative comments on this company until recently. Could this be due to the recession we are entering and crediters not wanting to settle in this way? My credit was very good when I joined CyDebt and now is very bad plus I had a cop at my door last night to serve papers on me for one of my Debts. I am running scared as of now. Have requested hearing from CyDebt today and hope they can still help me out.

Jonny said...

I have been a customer of Swiftrock Financial (CYDebt) since April '08. I pay $700/ month as stated in the contract for 24 months. This money is sent to my special purpose account where swiftrock fees are then taken out and debts are settled. I was agressive and serious about my account, and made sure they knew it. I got the power of attorney forms filled out and sent to them and they have been working for me.

Fortunately, I live in Austin TX, (where they physically have office space with some 150 employees or so) so I marched down there and actually talked to one of my creditors (capital one auto finace who I owed after a repossesion) on speaker phone with the swiftrock rep sitting right next to me. They negotiated back and forth till they settled right then and there. The offer was formalized in writing from capital one, and we settled for some $1800 on an original debt of $5500!!! Don't tell me this sh*t doesn't work.

Just to put things in perspective, I signed up with swiftrock only because I knew no other option. My credit was already F.U.B.A.R. (not good) because of my choices. I am college educated, had a good job making $60k +/yr, but got into gambling and lost almost $100,000 in 2 yrs. During this time I racked up almost $30k in credit cards and personal loans which I stopped paying in '06.

Creditors of course began to call my home and work...causing problems at both. So I turned to bankruptcy. I got a consultation with a bk lawyer, but I didn't like what I heard. Besides not wanting the stigma associated with Bankruptcy, and the embarassment in front of my brothers and parents, I didn't like it because he told me that I made too much money to qualify for a chapter 7 bk (which in my opinion is the only one you should consider) and he told me that I would only qualify for a ch. 13. In my specific case, this meant that I would have to enter a 5 year plan with my creditors in which time I would end up paying everything I owed with interest!!! Not to mention the $3000 of my own money in lawyers fees that I would have to pay up front before any of the bk papers could be filed!!! BTW, that just so happens to be about the amount i paid for my swiftrock fees, and I've already seen better results!!)


This company has been doing DEBT SETTLEMENT as its ONLY business for 6 yrs now, as CYdebt first, and now Switrock. I would think the FTC would have shut them down by now if they weren't doing something right.

Anonymous said...

I am about to join SwiftRock financial. Yes even after all the so called "negative" reviews. I accept responsibility for my actions and I know as a result will take time to repair the damage. One thing to keep in mind is that the BBB is a privately and locally owned entity and anyone can submit a complaint. Government agencies like the FTC have the power to shut down entities that are harmful to consumers. The representative I have worked with was very professional and outlined in detail fees as well as how the plan works. The bottom line is the more money you put into the plan the quicker the debt can be settled. However, there needs to be that painful period during the savings, otherwise the debt would not have existed in the first place. Having the mindset that bankruptcy is the best option just indicates the person is looking for a "quick fix". Own up to the issue and tackle it with professional assistance. I think Roger Green needs to rethink his homework. I doubt he has the neither the resources nor the power of the FTC. It is interesting that the proof is contained strictly through BBB complaints. Further, his research mentioned that a single advisor contacted the BBB where there were several complaints. He then states, the investigation was done over the years. (An advisor at one of our regional centers asked me to share some information he learned while working with a client last week). How could the research be over the years when the advisor brought this to his attention the week before he posted this article??? Basically what is stated is that if the advisor feels it a bad idea, it's a bad idea. Is it possible that this service conflicts with the services of the SBDC?

Roger Owen Green said...

Feel free to question my methodology, but the fury that one post caused is at least...interesting. Our advisor had had more than one complaint.

But Clear Your Debt, or whatever it's being called, in no way conflicts with the services of the SBDC. We offer free advisement. We loan no money. We get no payments for our services except flat salaries.

For the record, we're in favor of people clearing their debt, as it makes them more viable businesses.

Anonymous said...

How come I can't get in touch with Swift Rock? I've tried calling for the past week, and I either get a busy signal, an automated general voice mail box (which I have left messages with, but no one has returned my call), or it just rings on and on. My account is in serious question and I just want to talk to a representative.

Eric Ogunbase said...

Anon @ 12:41 on 1/12/09...look on your SwiftRock agreement. Contact info should still be on there, and call your rep, as well as email them.

As someone who worked for one of their related companies, January is typically a very busy month.

Jordan Lane said...


Please feel free to contact me directly. January is a VERY busy month for us, though that is never an excuse for us not answering a clients call. Eric Ogunbase was a representative of one of our companies,(and did a wonderful job for us, great guy...), and is correct in directiing you to our contact info on your agreement.

Jordan Lane
VP of Operations

Robert said...

I called this number a week a go and no one has returned my phone call.

Robert said...

Jordan Lane
VP of Operations

I called this number over a week ago, left a message and no one has returned my phone call. I don't know if this number is legitimate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Wow I can't believe this company is fooling good hearted people I hope you know the responses from anonymous, Sara B. and Eric whoever are all set up by Jordan Lane himself or by his paid workers lol don't trust this guy or all 3 companies he works for. Topaz out of San Antonio has no members or workers it's a very small office trying to take peoples money in order to grow as big as the Austin office Swift Rock used to be called Clear Your Debt, now true as a customer you should read the fine print or the contract itself but these guys selling you the product are damn good at what they do they are in sales for a reason you don't need a degree to sell you just have to get people to believe in the product so you can get PAID bottom line this company is out to make a quick buck so the sales team can live their young adult lives party hard drink hard, do drugs hard oh by the way the BOSS does DRUGS with his employee's don't deny it come on tell the truth shame the Devil lol even if you post back Mr. Jordan lane we both know the truth I'm not mad at you for befriending a a guy like your boss Derin Scott that has much money so much that he can buy you a house and support all your bad habits must be nice to have a $$$ i mean friend like that keep robbing the broke and stupid out of their own money that will pay for that nice car and big house you drive while your workers get by as long as they are on your good side then they just leave or how you put it fired lol pay back is a WHAT lol what's done in the dark will come to light enjoy your success while it last!!!!!

Yemi Ogunbase said...

Anonymous (06/09/2009 @ 9:33am), I assure you, I am not "set up" by Jordan Lane. In fact, I wrote a blogpost in December of 2007 detailing my experiences there. -- The URL is long, so I shortened it.

Everything I've written can be independently verified by two or more different people. In addition to that, I'm posting this under my OWN NAME, not hiding behind "Anonymous". I'm also able to put together coherent sentences to properly articulate my point.

Anonymous said...

I am with Swiftrock. I sent a summons in 5 months ago. I was told it was just to scare me. Well now they got a judgement to garnish my wages. No one is helping me now. Ive heard things like go shopping to relax, no news is good news and I will look into this and call you back. I am now on meds to relax, can't tkink of anything else, and want to die. Thank you for taking my money and not giving me the help I really thought I was getting.

Witch Hunter said...

Here are some interesting things about these company's that say they only want to help. Enjoy.

The Director: Charles Randy Lepley

Here is a link showing the good director being disbarred Bar# 12219050

Bankruptcy filing 05/29/2007 Chapter 13 dismissed case# 0710942

Federal Tax Lien 07/20/2007 $11,902 case # 2007061213

Now for the VP Jordan T Lane

can be reached at 512-490-0930,
800-630-4665, or 512-906-2487

Federal Tax Lien 08/12/2005 $12,872

nothing to serious but still wouldn't entrust him with my money.

Now for the owner's of these's companys.

Shannon & Derin Scott

they can be reached at 512-267-7519
They filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy on 08/22/1997 & was discharged on 09/30/1997 case # 9754330

Federal tax lien 10/05/2006 $6086
case #2006193794
Oregon State Tax Lien 03/10/2005 $6825

This is all PUBLIC information about these people that run these so called good company's. My guess is if they cant handle there own finances, how could they handle yours.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think it is safe to say that we can quit talking about these "companies" , as they are on the sure road to bankruptcy that Mr. Derrin Scott knows so well. The only good thing going for them, Mr. Jordon Lane, left at the beginning of the year, and it has been downhill since. There are rumors that he is running a few companies in the Dallas area. It is also rumored that Mr Scott has tried to sell the company, with no luck, but really, who would want to buy that piece of junk? I worked at Swiftrock in Austin for almost a year, and it is a shame to see a company that was on the rise, crumble, as soon as the "leader" departs. I know we all want to point a finger, and talk about who was wrong, but we all know that Jordon Lane was the foundation of that company. Derin Scott is a crook, who justifies his actions through God, and I am afraid he will pay with his salvation for eternity. Randall Lepley is a pawn, just as most of the force there. Too scared to leave, and dependant on a small paycheck. If you are with this company, leave quickly. The only one there that knew the first thing about settlement is gone. I am an educated, business man, and have seen this sort of thing numerous times. You are only as strong as your weakest link, and this company is FULL of weak links. I have moved back to WI, but keep an eye on this site, just to see justice in the works. And to the "leaders" of these companies, shame on you. We will see the down fall soon.

Anonymous said...

they have now closed their sales offices and changed the Client service name to orion processing and now have changed the name again to World law Debt. has the same address as swiftrock and the same owners. it is a continued scam as all the other companies.

Eye on said...

Clear Your Debt is being sued by Illinois Attorney General for deceptive practices. According to Randy Lepley, Clear Your Debt is no longer in business.

Randy Lepley is also known as C Randy Lepley and Charles Randolph Lepley. Lepley is a former attorney but resigned from the Texas State Bar in 2004 in lieu of disciplinary action. His practice was mostly in Williamson County Texas. Lepley has a substantial outstanding judgment against him in Williamson County from November 2004. In Dec 2009 Lepley filed a petition with the 277th District Court of Williamson County to be reinstated as a lawyer. The judge signed the petition, however, the State Bar didn't agree with the petition and filed a summary judgment in response. Lepley dropped the petition.

When Lepley was practicing law, he was accepting client's retainer fees, but wasn't doing anything on the cases. Sounds similar to what he is doing in the debt/credit counseling business.

David said...

The company is now doing business as Swiftrock financial. If you are currently having issues with this company and are from New York make sure you file a detailed complaint with the attorney general. If your not from New York file a complaint with the states attorney gneral. Email me at would like to talk to you.

David said...

Please file with your state attorney. I would like anyone who has had issues to contact me at

EricGoff said...

In case anyone still reading this....