Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Green Cleaning

The world of the librarian is not always as glamorous as it might seem. Sometimes, it's just trudging through the mire.

Someone wanted to know what New York's stand on "green cleaning" is. Not finding sufficient info by looking at databases or by Googling, I decided to make a call to the state Department of Environmental Conservation. I was transferred SEVEN times, before the last person told me that I needed to contact the Governor's office.

I was transferred only TWICE before I was given the state Health Department. FOUR transfers later, I found Nancy; SHE knew exactly what I was talking about, but she wasn't the one I wanted; the guy she thought I should talk with was home with a broken leg. Taking pity on me after my tale of woe, she called him at home, and he gave her, and she gave me, the number to a guy named Kurt Larson in the Office of General Services, who, unfortunately wasn't in that day.

But he WAS in the next day, and he had my answer. He pointed me to the OGS website. Hover the mouse over Building Administrative Services, click on to the Environmental Services Unit, and one should end up here. You’ll find the Executive Order, legislation, approved products, everything one might need to "go green" in New York State.

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