Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to Write for Your Web Site

One of our more recent library purchases is Streetwise Low-Cost web Site Promotion: Every Possible Way to Make Your Web Site a Success - Without Spening Lots of Money by Barry Feig. This book covers topics such as creating traffic, developing a promotion plan, what makes a good web site, how to measure success and how to use email to your advantage among many other things. A section I stopped at was on how to use language effectively.
Some of Mr.Feig's guidelines are:
"create keywords you think people would type in the search engines to find the types of products or services you offer. don't just use nouns. Use phrases rather than a single word. Use descriptions also."

"Use multiple, specific headlines. Headlines and subheadlines create immediate context when a visitor is exploring your site. There should be a headline on your screen at all times...Your headline should summarize what's inside your web site... make your copy brief...avoid generalities."

There is a lot more good information in this book, so if you would like to borrow it, please let me know.

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