Friday, September 12, 2008


I normally post on Mondays, but felt compelled to wait until Friday to write this.

I've been tracking our incoming requests a bit more carefully these days. The end of this month will conclude our 16th year. Roger & I have been around for most of them. When we started, we had one CD-ROM, no email, no Internet, and no computer network. Just a handful of librarians with a bunch of books, a used Xerox machine, and well-worn telephones.

We've come a long way -- longer than I thought. Late yesterday, we got an email from an advisor in our Binghamton office (thanks, Laura!), looking for information on a client starting an adult day care service. We've researched this subject many times before. Ordinarily, it wouldn't be worth a comment, except that it turned out to be the 25,000th request in our history.

Whoa. I'm not used to being part of a number like that (unless it's my car's odometer). But this is something worth noting.

Thanks, then, to all the librarians from way back when . . . Michele, Jennifer, Lynne, Sheldon, Jo-Ann, Vivian, Mary Ellen, Lorie, Judy, Theresa, Anne, Gwen, and Mary Beth (and Mary Hoffman, who's moved up to the penthouse suite). They're a part of our history, and helped us become what we are today.

Thanks to Roger (who's made it the longest), Josee, Amelia & Alexis . . . it feels like we've done 25,000 in this summer alone.

Thanks to all of you, and to the clients of the SBDC -- you're the reason we're here.

Finally, there's a phrase I use often to end my emails to you, which seems appropriate now:
"I hope this has been of use."

Have a good weekend, y'all.


Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, and thanks to all the interns who came through here, too numerous to mention. And Jeanette, Cheryl, Jackie, Joanne - I'm sure I'm forgetting someone - who did secretarial tasks for us.

Al said...

I'd hate to be request #25001. You never want to follow a legend.

Judy Doyle said...

Thanks for the "shout out" guys. I have good memories of my first professional internet searching experiences at the NYS SBDC RN in 1996.... and of course, the music!

Anonymous said...

Pretty friggen cool! Congrats to everybody there!


Mary Beth B. said...

wow! Congratulations RN! You guys rock! Cheers to the next 25,000! Are you having a party? Someone should bake you a cake...