Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Text to Speech

One of the J.J. Hill Library Business Sites of the Week last month was vozMe.

"Paste any amount of text into the vozMe Text to Speech site, and the tool quickly converts that text into speech. You can choose a male or female voice and then save the speech as an mp3 to listen to anywhere."

I decided to test with this text: "With a paid HillSearch membership, you should not have to pay extra for any articles, reports or lists in any of the HillSearch databases, nor should you have to re-enter your login information. If you encounter this problem, please contact us at 651.265.5500 or at 1 877 700-HILL (4455)"

The text was OK, albeit mechanical, not unlike the menu items in some telephone systems. The word "login" sounded more like Logan. But the telephone numbers were incomprehensible, as the system made 651 into six hundred fifty-one.

In fact, it was just distracting enough that I wouldn't want to be operating heavy machinery at the same time.

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