Friday, May 01, 2009

Successful Unconventional Business Ideas

Sometimes the requests that we receive here at the research network are incredulous. There have been a few requests where I thought "How could anyone think that this could be a successful or profitable business?" But as the articles below prove, sometimes weird business ideas aren't just good, they are fantastic. For example, in the 1960's, who would have thought that bottled water would become such a phenomenal industry that by 2011, it is predicted that have 86.4 billion dollars in sales globally. We all know now that bottled water is a lucrative industry, but forty years ago, who knew?

'Bacontrepreneurs' Building Bacon Empire - From Bacon Salt to Baconaise, Bacon-Lovers Catapult 'Uber-Meat' into $1.4 Million Business

10 Unconventional But Successful Online Homebusiness Ideas

Weird, but Successful Business Ideas Blog

The point of this blog is that no matter how weird or strange or even stupid your business idea is, don't let someone like me tell you it is never going to work. You might just be the next successful, unconventional millionaire.


Darrin Conroy said...

The key to the universe is that adding bacon to anything (even in these influenza'd times) will yield success.

My Weight Loss Diet said...

Very informative post. I learn a lot. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You never know what's going to be a big success. I thought ragtote would never work.

Alexis Mokler said...

Check out "The Worst Ideas That Made Ton of Money" at U.S. News and World Reports.