Monday, March 08, 2010

Online resources for finding graphic designers

Small businesses are less likely to have their own graphic designers on staff, so knowing how and where to find designers is important.

The following article describes 10 Fantastic Places for Finding Designers Online. These various tools allow users to find professional designers by location, expertise and to read and write reviews of their work.


dhochman said...

Also don't neglect the job-placement or employer-resource websites of NYS's many fine schools of design with programs in print or online graphics. It is often possible to engage students or recent graduates at very reasonable rates, because such jobs help these young people (who are themselves entrepreneurs) build their client portfolios. The Business Incubator Association of NYS, which I manage, has used such a job-listing service offered through the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and SVA is just one of many high-quality design programs across the entire state.

Amelia Birdsall said...

Great suggestion! Thanks!