Friday, August 27, 2010

Demographics of Hispanics

I read an interesting article the other day in Advertising Age. Hispanic Market Hits Tipping Point provides important information on the Hispanic Market and how businesses should market their products and services to Hispanics.

"The market is growing: The 2010 Census expected to count a record 50 million Hispanics, or one in every six U.S. residents, meaning the Hispanic population will have increased a stunning 42% from the previous census in 2000. (By comparison, the non-Hispanic population will have edged up just 5% in that decade.) It's also got scale: Hispanics are now the nation's second-largest consumer market after white non-Hispanics, who are still the largest group at about 200 million."

"But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Hispanics in America is how closely they exemplify our idealized concept of 1950s America. They are young (their median age is about where the whole nation was in 1955) and more often live in large, traditional, married-with-children families with lots of participation from grandparents."

Also from Advertising Age, the Hispanic Fact Pack 2010 can be purchased and includes data on marketers, advertisers, media, demographics and agencies in the U.S. Hispanic market. For more information, you can also check out Hispanic Market Weekly or the blog - ahorre tiempo y dinero.

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