Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Consumer Issue

I love Advertising Age magazine. Several of us read our office subscription. The October 11, 2010 edition is The Consumer Issue, and contains several useful articles, including:

How U.S. Assimilation Is Changing Marketing Rules
Will Ad Industry's Opt-Out Program Entice Consumers?
Marketers Still Struggling With Mommy Issues - they fail to recognize mommy is likely older, e.g.
Don't Be So Quick to Dismiss Power of Asian Consumers
'Urban' Trope Misses a Large Swath of Black Consumers
Tweens Embrace Makeup, Reject Miley
Media-Savvy Gen Y Finds Smart and Funny Is 'New Rock 'n' Roll'

There is a finite nymber of articles you can access online without a subscription. One suggestion: How U.S. Consumers Are Steering the 'Spend Shift'
Five Eye-Opening Takeaways From an in-Depth Analysis on How Americans Are Changing in a Post-Crisis Society
1. The New American Frontier -- the values of optimism, resiliency and opportunity
2. Don't Fence Me In -- the values of retooling, education and betterment
3. The Badge of Awesomeness -- the values of nimbleness, adaptability and thrift
4. An Army of Davids -- the values of community, cooperation and expression
5. We're moving from mindless to mindful consumption.

Market for Food-Allergy-Friendly Biz More Than Peanuts; Marketers Finding That Extra Effort for Customers With Dietary Restrictions Can Help Build Brand Loyalty, Sales
As a child with a peanut allergy, I can definitely relate. Don't label your food products, I won't buy your food products.

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