Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dumb Customer Service, Part 237

My family stayed in a chain hotel in a southern city recently. It was reasonably nice, especially for the price, but a couple things bugged me:

1. There was something called the "business center" which was comprised of one computer, with a printer behind the registration desk that was hit or miss.

2. Checkout was a 12 noon. We went downstairs for the complimentary breakfast, returning about 9 a.m. we packed, then my wife decided to let the daughter have a chance to use the pool. I went to get a cart to haul the luggage. When I got back to the room, around 11:15, my room key didn't work. I thought it somehow got demagnetized, so I went down to get my wife's key; that didn't work, either. So I went to the front desk. Apparently it is a regular issue that the keys time out at some point before the checkout time. This is an absurd system, which wasted a good 10 minutes of my time.

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fern said...

Oh' that was a bad experience, Anyway, they need to have a good customer service in return, if their service fee is high. Thanks for the post.

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