New NYS Contract Reporter Website: Pre-Registration Is Open

If you have a current NYS Contract Reporter account holder, you should have received an invitation from Empire State Development to create an account for the new NYS Contract Reporter website. The new site is scheduled for launch in later this month. If you haven't yet registered, please do so soon. And if you registered, but didn't yet create your Business Registry account, please do. To facilitate registration and communication with the new pre-registration site, please tell your computer that the NYS Contract Reporter is a trusted site, and that you want to receive mail from:

Pre-registration will ensure a seamless transition from the current site to the new site, which will have many new features and functionalities. NYSCR is requiring all current account holders to create their new account during this pre-registration period which will end on 11/22/13.

All services on the new site will be free, but if you don't create an account during pre-registration you may encounter an interruption in service when the new site is launched in November.

The new site will offer:
• More precise selection of categories
• Pre-filtering of ads geographically and by ad type
• A Business Registry that will enhance the agency procurement process and connect prime contractors to subcontractors and suppliers
• More robust electronic communication with ad updates, bookmarking of ads and sharing of information
• Other procurement resources and information designed to connect your business with contracting and subcontracting opportunities
If you don't create your new NYS Contract Reporter account during this month-long pre-registration process, you will be able to create your new account when the site is launched in late November.

So create your new individual account for the new NYS Contract Reporter: start at

Note: If you are a state agency or municipality receiving this message PLEASE DO NOT create an account now. This message is intended for business account holders only. Your agency account will be transferred to the new site, and you will be notified.


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