Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Geo within Geo

As the Research Network's representative to the State Data Center, I often receive helpful hints at their meetings and on the SDC listserv. This particular hint saved me a LOT of labor:

When looking for information on the American FactFinder section of the Census page, you may have need to find all of a smaller geography within a larger geography, such as all the cities in Westchester County. For many tables in the Decennial Census and the American Community Survey, such as Detailed Tables, Custom Tables, and Quick Tables, click on the Geo within Geo tab. In this example, select all the places in Westchester County. You'll get a list of CDPs (Census Designated Places), villages, and cities, all very clearly marked, and you will be able to create the data you want. Unfortunately, the Census page does not designate places by county, so this tool will keep you from pulling out a map of Westchester County, and trying to figure out which places are cities, like I did before discovering this much easier method.

If you'd like me to walk you through a demonstration, call me at X 137.

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