Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Marketing Tip Sites

We all have our own spin on things and I am no different. Everyone tends to have a type of request they favor... or not. I started my career as a librarian working in an advertising firm and so I am sympathetic to our clients who often need marketing and promotional ideas for their businesses and look to us to offer suggestions.

In my travels, I have found a few sites that while not limited to a specific industry or sector are useful to all business owners. My feeling is that our clients, like most people, want advice that is easy to read and understand. There are many, many sites offering advice but these are a few you may want to check out. PsychoTactics: Unlocking the mystery of business brain
Interesting articles on what makes us tick…and shop. Some good things for business owners to think about to help understand their customers. KnowThis: Knowledge source for marketing
A good site for overview articles on marketing and marketing research. A bit more sober than others I've seen but quite good. Lapidary Journal /Touchstone
This is a site aimed at jewelers but has articles that would be quite useful to any business owner. Most articles don't overtly mention the industry but talk about techniques and venues generally. Web Marketing Today Free Weekly
Practical advice for the web. Occasionally I throw in articles about specific issues or might just copy the first page to remind people what kind of coverage is available. I imagine when clients start to establish a web presence, they need to think about a new set of issues they may not be familiar with.

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