Friday, July 18, 2008


I learned on a listserv this week the existence of It is a consulting firm that assists businesses in trying to overhaul the image of a brand in the mind of a consumer (and I'm sure that greatly simplifies the scope of their services).

What I like about the site is their annual list of top rebranding efforts. Here's their top 100 for 2008. This is a list of efforts by a variety of rebranding & marketing companies, so it's not limited to just them.

The name of each company brand is linked to their full story. In most cases, you'll see images of marketing efforts used in the rebranding process. At the bottom of each page is some narrative that outlines the challenges the brand faced, and how they were overcome.

(And, for a shamless local plug, check out the story of Brown's Brewing Company [the second listing underneath the "Best of Awards" heading]. It's in Troy, about 10 miles from where I'm typing this. Given that it's Friday afternoon, my mind naturally wanders to the local brewpubs.)

Go check it out. It's interesting reading. As for me . . . it's 100 minutes till the weekend!

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