Monday, November 02, 2009


We so often get requests for ideas to help market existing businesses and occasionally I see businesses that are doing little things that we can learn from.

This Halloween weekend I took my daughter and a friend to breakfast and afterwards stopped into Candyland, a local candy shop, cake and candy supply retailer. I spoke with the owner, who told me about the classes they offer in candy and cake-making and decorating. shop was answering the question from more than one perspective. They offer a way for businesses to get themselves noticed and they share their expertise as well as their product, by offering classes and recipes both online and off. By giving a little away, they build goodwill.

The owner showed me some beautiful and delicious chocolate favors in novel designs, explaining that she had corporate clients who ordered these gifts from her for employees or their clients. Another product that seemed like a clever alternative to the typical holiday card was a chocolate card with a holiday greeting in color made from edible dyes. The cards can be made to any design including company logos. She also offered company "business cards" also printed in edible color.

I thought, what a great way to keep clients sweet while marketing a business. The owners of Candyland are succeeding in marketing their own business, by offering classes, adapting designs to the season, trying new things, and even offering free recipes like the one I picked up for making peppermint bark.

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