Thursday, November 05, 2009

National Association for Sick Child Daycare

I love that there is an association for just about everything. The National Association for Sick Child Daycare is one you may not have come across yet. This association has been around for a number of years and supports those running quality childcare services for sick children. With so much in the news about the challenges faced by workers with little or no sick time or single parents who bear the brunt of sick season, the issues are significant and the solutions thin on the ground.
"Obstacles exist that hamper the development of needed sick child care programs. There is an absence of providers largely due to lack of
information, lack of licensing procedures for sick child care, difficulty
getting insurance, and funding challenges. "
We have occasionally had requests for clients starting specialized daycare programs and this association offers a number of how-to documents for reasonable prices - most are about $30, with the directory of sick childcare facilities costing quite alot more at $295. There is a survey report, guidelines for starting a hospital-based daycare program, as well as guidelines for serving mildly ill children. Very clearly there is need, with more awareness there will be more programs and assistance to support those programs.

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