Saturday, April 09, 2011

Federal open government websites to shut down

Several of President Obama’s open government initiative data websites are scheduled to go dark in May due to lack of funding. Funding will run out on April 20 for IT Dashboard;, which provides enhanced access to publicly available federal datasets; and, which tracks improper payments from government programs. Other open government public data sites scheduled to go dark after July 30 are, which provides detailed information on federal contracts, and, a site that tracks how federal agencies use free web applications. More information about the proposed cuts is available here.

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mark carlo said...

What the reason on having this websites if you are not going to make full use of them? is they are going to shot down because the government cannot sustain the funds for it to operate. Its a waist of money from the very first time this sites were created. They should have thought that they cannot grow crops without watering them.